Jud davis, photographer

I can remember my father taking a photograph of me when I was very young. I was sitting in the grass of our south Florida home. I didn't like it...the grass that is, but I remember that shiny machine in his hands with the words "Nikon" on the front. I had to have one of those. I now have about 10, including that one pictured right. Since then, I have been passionate about photography. Currently I am blessed with the opportunity to photograph many soon-to-be brides, seniors and couples.


Jud Davis, Teacher

I'm educated. I have a B.A in public relations from Freed-Hardeman University and an M.A in public relations from Auburn University. I also have M.A. and M.F.A. in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Because of that, I am a faculty member in the fine art department at FHU. I believe everyone should be a photographer. I love my students and teaching. It's just the best.


Jud davis, experience

When it comes to taking photos, I like to have fun. I am really easy going but know when to focus (no pun intended) and get down to business. I think if you ask the folks represented in the photos contained in this site, you will find that they loved their photos, but more importantly, had a good time taking them. You will too. Taking pictures is supposed to be fun.